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Disney Cruise

Are you looking to go on a Disney Cruise. My oldest son and his family will be on a seven day cruise next week and it is a wonderful opportunity for the whole family to relax and enjoy a vacation with no interruptions. My son favors the days at sea as they are incredibly relaxing and everything is planned for the children’s events and adult activities as well. If you are true Disney Cruise Fan, you might want to find some great collectibles in the Shop. DCL Disney Cruise Line Vinylmation 3" inch Wonder Ship Figure Unopened My favorites are the Vinylmations which are great souvenirs to bring back to remind you of the great experiences on your cruise. If you don’t get a chance to purchase some items, look in the shop to see if you can order one here, or let me know and I will try to find the Disney item for you. I love shopping Downtown Disney and the Character outlets in Orlando.

What do I like about cruises? The opportunity to relax, to swim or sit in the hot tub and enjoy wonderful food and entertainment. To spend time with my grandchildren and children where you can choose excitement or quiet. If you have never been on a cruise, consider it and think about visiting Disney World and a Disney Cruise combination package. What an awesome experience.

If you are looking for a great agency to provide you with quality assistance and care in helping plan your cruise, contact

I have been on several cruises and always get home wishing I had purchased one more T-shirt, hat or souvenir. If you find yourself wishing you had purchased a Disney item, or if you just enjoy Disney check out the Shop for some fun selections. Don’t forget the molds as they are such fun. Disney Parks Mickey Ears Silicon Muffin Mold (Red) - Disney Parks Exclusive & Limited Availability We used these for our last adventure into making bath bombs. Such fun to have a Mickey bath bomb and the fragrance was absolutely great in that we used Jasmine and Peppermint essential oils.

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Disney Silicon

I found wonderful silicon Mickey’s for our adventure into bath Fizzies. My granddaughter is here for the week so we are really looking forward to giving them a try. I have used silicon molds for chocolates before but not for bath Fizzies. This will be a new adventure for us and I will post pictures when we complete the process, or maybe during the process.

Please review the Disney silicon molds in the shop. I am continuing to look for more of these and especially the Star Trek and Star Wars molds. If you have any suggestions, let me know so I can add them to the shop.

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And Now it’s SNOW

Ok, it is definately time to leave the north country.  Large flakes of snow are falling from a rather grey sky.  It is cold but like always not too cold when it snows.  I have been in the Detroit area since July during the week, but am just not quite ready for snow.  I have my jacket that was a gift when I was in Salinas working with A. Duda & Sons.  What a wonderful gift that has kept me warm for the past few days.  It has the logo on the front and I always get questions when I wear it.  Sometimes people in Florida ask me about it as they are familiar with the family and the history of a great company.  I’ll have to get a thank you off to the Salinas group for keeping me warm this winter.

Our project is moving along and processes are coming together.  It is the day to fly back home and I am anxious to get there to see Kelly and Hunter.  We will be working with their mom and dad to plan our adventure to Mousefest at Disney.  If you have never been there, now is the time to go.  It is the time when the Disney fans unite and have a great time at the parks.

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Have you ever had a beef pastie?  These are a favorite fare of those who live in Northern Michigan.  When I was a child I had them when I went to visit my Grandfather in Ironwood, Michigan. He had a cabin on Manitowish Waters and I sure wish I owned it today.  I could drive from Detroit and enjoy the north country on the way.  But alas, I live in Florida and work in Detroit and there is no family cottage in Michigan anymore.  But the pastie’s still exist and I had one last night at Dobskis in a Detroit suburb..could have been Waterford.  Anyway it was great food and great memories.  I wonder if Universal would include this on one of their menu’s or perhaps Disney would at one of the parks.  Is there a Poland in Epcot?  Want to go see then go to and pick a ticket package. 

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Head South to the Parks

It was cold this morning, but by afternoon the sun was out and the leaves were glorious.  Red, Orange, Yellow reflecting down on all around permeating the atmosphere with color.  How like a bright and cheerful person who brings color into your life.

We were meant to enjoy life and have an atmosphere of bright, shining air about us.  There is something to be said for fall with the brisk air, the crackling leaves and the touch of frost on the grass in the morning.  But not far behind will be winter with snow and cold.  Plan a trip south for the winter.  Visit Universal Studios Adventure Landing …a great place for adults and Dr. Seuss fun stuff for children.  Or head off to one of the great Disney hotels with the best food in the area and elegant service.  For the children…there is nothing like the character breakfasts.  Let us help you schedule them…I think we have been to breakfast, lunch or dinner with almost every character.  What a good time.  Tickets….don’t forget us.

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Wow, the weather is getting cold in Florida but even colder in Detroit.  I woke up to frost on the ground this morning.  Think I would rather be visiting Disney World, Epcot, MGM or Universal Islands of Adventure.  My oldest son was a project manager on the building of the Islands of Adventure.  Think about the wonderful stories he will have to tell his daughter and son.  Planning to go their, be sure to visit our ticket site and travel site at  And now on to the day.

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David Ledeux had a post today that indicated only 20% of the people have fun every week.  What are we doing if we are not having some fun in our lives?  Seems to me we are missing out on the better part of life.

If you haven’t seen the Disney Adventures, you might want to go to and take a look.  If you haven’t been to Europe, I would suggest this is one of the premier ways to tour.  If you have been there, you will find a tour beyond your wildest dreams.  One thing about Disney, they know how to do things right. 

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Orlando Tickets

Have you been to Disney or Universal and spent a good portion of your day standing in line waiting to purchase tickets?  Well if you have and you want an alternative….go to and take a look at all the tickets you can buy BEFORE you get to the parks.  This is a great time of year at the Disney and Universal parks and we love going this time of year.  The lines are shorter, it is much cooler in Florida and the events for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are just getting underway.  If it has been awhile since you have been to Orlando, now is the time to take that adventure.