Old Friends

There are those days and weeks when you struggle to get through and wish those old friends who mean so much to you lived closer.  I have some very special friends who I don’t get to see very often but the amazing thing is I feel so close to them.  One lives in Twisp, WA   and we exchange emails and usually Christmas Cards.  I know, however, if I went to visit today it would be as though no time had passed.  Oh yes, we are older and water has gone under the bridges but friendship remains strong.

Another friend is in Japan…imagine trying to visit her but email has made our communication easy  and powerful.  She is an amazing woman who lives an adventure everyday.

One lives in Bismarck, ND.  He and I go way back to Wahpeton and the Chahinkapa Park  Pool.  He checks up on me and keeps me up to date on his life, his son and his grandchild. He also reminds me of all the old fun times we had growing up.

Then there is my old true love who lives in Seattle.  Throughout the years we have managed to remain friends and I think our friendship is stronger now than ever.  I talked to him last year when we went on our Alaska cruise but didn’t get to see him.  We have great memories of stop signs, Libby, Montana and Lakewood, Colorado.  He has two sons as I do and we both have great families.  Through it all he remains a great friend and I always wonder how we wound up on opposite sides of the country.  Probably my doing as I never was happy in one place for too long.  All I know is the thought of this friendship makes me feel incredible and at peace.

Thank God for all the old friends in my life and the blessings that come with new friends.  My wish would be that my grandchildren will have friends in their life that are comparable to those I have had the pleasure to have enter mine.

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