Legoland Hotel!

LEGO Disney Princess Ariel's Magical Kiss 41052

We checked into the Legoland Hotel!

Source: Legoland Hotel!

Check out this video.  My grandson celebrated his birthday at the Lego Land hotel and they had a great time.  There are many new adventures at Lego Land and the hotel is incredible. Lego’s can be found all through the hotel and the grandkids loved the stacks of Lego’s that were all throughout the hotel.

I purchased some Lego brick candy molds and we made Lego candy yesterday.  It went over great and they had a super time making and molding the candy.  Eating was also important. We just used almond bark and melted it in the double boiler.  The molds worked absolutely great and I would recommend them for a fun activity for the children in the family.


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