Head South to the Parks

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It was cold this morning, but by afternoon the sun was out and the leaves were glorious.  Red, Orange, Yellow reflecting down on all around permeating the atmosphere with color.  How like a bright and cheerful person who brings color into your life.

We were meant to enjoy life and have an atmosphere of bright, shining air about us.  There is something to be said for fall with the brisk air, the crackling leaves and the touch of frost on the grass in the morning.  But not far behind will be winter with snow and cold.  Plan a trip south for the winter.  Visit Universal Studios Adventure Landing …a great place for adults and Dr. Seuss fun stuff for children.  Or head off to one of the great Disney hotels with the best food in the area and elegant service.  For the children…there is nothing like the character breakfasts.  Let us help you schedule them…I think we have been to breakfast, lunch or dinner with almost every character.  What a good time.  Tickets….don’t forget us. http://orlandotickets.storesecured.com/

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