Halloween in Avalon

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I spent a few hours on the porch tonight giving out candy to the little ones.   I usually stop around 8 as that is when the big, greedy kids show up.  I was surprised that no matter the age, they all said Thank you and Happy Halloween.  Guess we have some pretty good families with manners in Avalon Park.  I miss my own grandkids.  Kelly and Hunter are on a Disney Cruise and Nora is in Indianapolis..just too far to drive for some candy.  I will be there soon though as I am planning a trip for Thanksgiving.

When I grew up we usually had snow by Halloween so the costumes weren’t too important as they were covered by our snow suits.  We really loved the lady that gave out whole Hershey bars and made sure we went to her house each year.  Then there was the other one that gave us pennies…what’s with that.  Our neighbor down the block always made the most incredible caramel apples, something we wouldn’t be able to give out today with all the fear.  Her last name was James and her family later purchased the Greek Candy shop and restaurant.  The kids were named LeAnna and David.

The trick for me on days like this is to try to remember names and places.  Costumes have definitely changed and this year seemed to have a lot of Frozen Elsa’s and Minions.