Another Friend Gone

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This not been a good week. I lost a dear friend this week. We grew up together and he was a part of our family. He was a brother to me and an Uncle to my children. You don’t often have friends that last through a lifetime but Tom Carman was one of them. He always called to make sure life was treating me well. When we were growing up he was my protector, my colleague at the swimming pool, and a companion for fun an wild trips to Fergus Falls.
We tormented the man at the trampoline center by doing back flips from one in ground trampoline to the other and made our getaway by jumping over the fence.
He was with me on many wild trips in a 39 Ford when the headlights would go out and we would drive by lightening or a large flashlight that Tom would hold out the window.
We had so many adventures and they are my memories, but I still will miss his phone calls catching up and reminiscing.
Goodbye old friend..I hope I will see you again at that big swimming pool in the sky.

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