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It’s all about the Minions

MinioncroppedThe Minion Movie was an incredible hit and the grandchildren loved it. They went to the movie at Universal Studios which made it an even better event than the regular Theatre. While at Universal they purchased a couple of Minion Blind Packages and had fun reviewing the contents.

It was great fun watching them open the packets and enjoy putting together the surprise. I think they will want to buy many, many more in the future and these are just a few of what is available. Check the shop on this blog for more selections in the Minion category.

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Downtown Disney

Have you seen the new bridge at Downtown Disney. It really makes it so much easier to get from one side of downtown to the other. Downtown Disney is making so many changes and each week when I visit it seems to have added something else. I don’t like the parking as well as the old parking within walking distance of the Disney store, however, given the crowds, I understand why it was necessary. I didn’t often visit the far end of downtown and now I have to walk through it to get to the Lego store, or the Disney store. I find so many things that are new to me that have been there for a long time.

They are planning to close Disney Quest which has always been fun for the grand kids. It was a perk that you had with the annual Disney Pass. I hope they replace that perk with another one so we don’t lose something on our annual passes. They increase in price every year so one would expect the value to increase as well.

Speaking of downtown Disney, I am a real fan of the Lego Store. It always has crowds of little people and parents out front building something with the Lego’s that are provided on the tables out front. Also if there is anything you might want in the Lego line, you can find it here. Also separate pieces on a great wall of color in the back of the store. If you have a child that loves Lego’s, they have lost a few pieces at one time or another. Rather than throw away the entire project, you can buy the pieces that have been lost.

So the product I am proposing for you today is a combination of Lego and Disney. Take a look at this great Lego for your favorite child, grandchild, or birthday party for a child you love.
These are some great selections in a nice price range. Hope you find one you like and click on the picture to order.

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Hollywood Studios

greatfrozenWell, another year of Star Wars week’ends has passed and we are on to Frozen. There are fun activities including a parade and special shows featuring the frozen frozen characters. my granddaughter loves frozen and going to Hollywood studios is always a special event no matter how many times she’s there she just seems to light up when we go to the park. My grandson on the other hand is just exactly spending time at home with his computer or working on the iPad playing games. When he does go to the park he spends his time looking for a Lego projects in every one of the stores along the way.

The Frozen Fun Experience will be going on at Hollywood Studios from June 17 through September 7 of this year. Some of the favorite activities include Olaf live and in person, a Frozen Sing-along celebration, a wonderful parade with Elsa, Anna and Olaf and skaters, skiers, ice cutters and amazing floats. “Let it go” can be heard throughout the park with the voices of both the characters and the guests. There are events on the event stage and what would be a trip to the park without a stop at the Frozen Merchandise right next to the Hyperion Theater. Some of our favorite merchandise includes:

If you stay until the sun goes down you will get to see the Fireworks Spectatcular, wonderful songs and many Characters. There is nothing like a Day at Disney!! Be sure to buy the sing-along