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Star Wars Posters

I made the trip over to Hollywood studios today and picked up the Chewy posters. Because I had three annual passes I was able to pick up three posters. IMG_1817 It was great to be able to get three and I was able to pick them up right inside the entry. Most people were told to go over to Toy Story to pick up the posters but I had walked in from the parking lot so looked pretty beat. When I asked at the information desk, I think they felt sorry for me as I looked pretty worn and pointed me to three posters. I did show them my annual passes so I should have a couple happy grandchildren when they come back to Orlando.

This is what it looked like at the front entry today.IMG_1811 Everyone was really enjoying the day and though it was hot, it was not brutal.

Do you have a Dad who loves Star Wars? How about a shirt for father’s day?

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Buy my book

Mickey-and-Minnie-4_15_DL_000440-640x420Come on guys..part with you money and buy my ebook. You will find some fun and healthy recipes tor lotions, potions, first aid and mosquito repellents…

Have some fun making recipes for lotions, potions and first aid items. Repel the mosquitoes and bugs with recipes included in the book. For a very small amount you can have a comprehensive book of recipes to make with very inexpensive ingredients.

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Today is a Frankincense kind of day. Frankincense is earthy and balsamic and enhances inner strength. It is often used to enhance the health of your skin. It is one of the more expensive oils but one of two drops on your face and neck will renew helathy looking skin. It also reduces oil production for those of you with problems with oily skin. You can also massage it into the back of your neck or into the temples to help with relaxation.

Frankincense, for me, is one of the spiritual oils and especially during the Christmas season. It was a great gift for the Christ child and would be a great gift for a friend. I diffuse the oil for relaxation and spiritual meditation.

It helps reduce the depression that often goes with this season as well.Frankincense